ap200 FAQ for USERS and RESELLERS!

Q: Can I use downloaded car brands after my subscription is finished?
A: For now, we do not offer free work of brands after one year (when your subscription is finished), maybe we will change it later, but not now. Subscription allows us to maintain and support the server while we have subscribers that pay every year. In this case we can guarantee that our server will be up and running until the last client! Thank you for understanding.

Q: Does it work on iPhone/iPad?
A: No. There is no solution for iOS.

Q: Can I write you to skype or WhatsApp?
A: You can request activation or get support via email.

Q: Is this activation "FULL"?
A: Activation "FULL" does not exist as well as activation "NOT FULL". Your ap200 can only be activated or not activated for all car brands. You will have all the functions provided by Autel.

Q: Why I donít have all the service functions in the APP?
A: You will see only functions available for downloaded brands. If you would like to see all the service functions download all brands.

Q: Why I canít see some special function for my car as promised?
A: Ap200 has many functions, but not all of them are available for all car brands. Even more, on some cars you will not get any special functions.

Q: Will your activation give me more special service functions?
A: NO. It's impossible! At the moment, nobody can add any functionality to ap200. You can have only what Autel offers you.

Q: Can I use LAUNCH software with ap200?
A: NO. Those are completely different adapters!

Q: How much free space do i need to download all car brands?
A: Up to 20 GB. Please don't forget that you will need more free space to run the diagnostics scan. We recommend size of the brand X 3. So, if you would like to run AUDI diagnostics, you need at least 2-3 GB of free space.

Q: Can i install the APP/download brands to SD card?
A: Autel APP's does not support this feature. Some times it is possible to move the APP to SD card using ANDROID special functions or third party software, but WE CAN NOT ASSIST YOU WITH THAT!

Q: What car brands are supported?
A: Check this video: Link

Q: What languages are supported by APP?
A: English, EspaŮol, FranÁais, Deutsch, Russian, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, PortuguÍs, Svenska.